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MLB Daily Dish LIVE Episode 2: Chris Cotillo answers your questions

In Episode 2, I answer questions about the early candidates to be dealt at the trade deadline and which teams are positioning themselves to make moves.

With the school year over, I'll be doing Facebook Live chats weekly answering your questions on both Facebook and Twitter. They'll probably be on Monday nights, though could come spontaneously if something interesting happens. Our second broadcast, live from my house in central Mass., includes an update on Joe Nathan's major-league comeback and answers to these questions:

- Will Tim Lincecum sign with the Angels?

- Will the Cubs be actively making moves if the roster stays the way it is?

- Are the Angels planning on a fire sale after placing Andrelton Simmons on the disabled list?

- Who's the most likely new White Sox outfielder come August 1?

- How long can the Dodgers go without a bullpen?

- Will David Price find his rhythm?

- How long can the Mariners continue to do what they've been doing this season?

- Thoughts on the role Aroldis Chapman will have with the Yankees?

- Will the Mets try to make a move for a catcher?

- Could the Cardinals become sellers at the trade deadline?

- Are there serious concerns in Seattle about the health of the Mariners' starting pitchers?

- Any chance the Reds can finally unload Votto's albatross contract?

- Does Ryan Braun end the year in a Brewers' uniform?

- What can the Padres receive for Andrew Cashner? Any takers for James Shields?

- How many current Braves will still be Braves by September?

- Are the Rangers going to get a catcher?

- Any hint on if the Phillies will buy or sell this summer?

- Will Jonathan Lucroy be on the move?

- Any scenario where the Nationals ship Stephen Strasburg out of town? (Good thing I said no...)

- Will the Dodgers trade for a big name (Shelby Miller, Sonny Gray, Jose Fernandez)?

- Will the Rockies offload Reyes if his suspension is over by the deadline?

- Any idea on what the Indians will look to add?

- Who will the Tigers be able to unload if selling?

- Where could Jay Bruce land?

- If the Marlins are in contention, are there any assets they could move at the deadline?

- Will the Cardinals and Indians continue to be exclusive trading partners?

- Will the Mets make a big move this summer?

- Biggest impact move of the offseason so far?

- Are changes coming for the Yankees?

- Will Brian Cashman be fired and will the Yankees add help soon?

- When do you view the Phillies to be contenders in the future?

- Will the Tigers add a starting pitcher?

- Do you think Mike Scioscia will be fired?

- What do the Red Sox need to do at the trade deadline? Is James Shields an option?

- Is anyone enough to take Billy Butler?

- Will the Dodgers consider trading for Aroldis Chapman again? Or will they punt again at the deadline?

- Will the Mariners bolster the bullpen? Or could they add a first baseman to replace Lind?

- Justin Verlander for Jacoby Ellsbury? Who says no first?

- Could the Rays trade Brad Boxberger for a few prospects?

- Will the Red Sox go hard after Sonny Gray?

Watch here:

Unfortunately, no questions from the Astros or mom this time. Maybe next week.

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Big thanks to all our followers on Facebook and on Twitter for the questions, the views, and the support. We'll be back next week.