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Marlins' deal with Joe Beimel falls through

The left-handed reliever has landed a deal with the Miami Marlins

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (5/17): The Marlins decided to "pass on" Beimel and did not complete a deal with him, according to a report from Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald. The exact reasons for the deal falling through are not known.


ORIGINAL (5/12): The Miami Marlins have reportedly agreed to a minor-league contract with Joe Beimel. The left-handed reliever will report to extended spring training.

The 39-year old reliever recently had a tryout with the Chicago Cubs that never resulted in a contract. After working out with the Marlins though, it appears Beimel still has a shot at playing time in the majors.

Over the past two seasons, Beimel has pitched 92.1 innings, all of which with the Seattle Mariners. Over that span, Beimel mustered an ERA of 3.12 thanks in part to a low BABIP of .263. His FIP was a mediocre 4.84 and contributed to losing his team one full game by FanGraphs WAR.

Prior to that, Beimel didn't pitch in the majors in 2012 or 2013. He had a stint with the Atlanta Braves Triple-A affiliate, appearing in 30 games, pitching 33 innings, and mustering a 5.75 FIP and a 4.36 ERA.

While his road back to the majors isn't yet assured, Beimel could provide relief for an injury-plagued bullpen. The Marlins lost one of the most elite relievers in the game, Carter Capps, prior to this season to Tommy John surgery. Furthermore, Mike Dunn, Nefi Ogando, and Edwin Jackson are also on the disabled-list. Dunn, the lone left-hander of the group, should return shortly though after beginning to throw bullpen sessions.

If Beimel makes it back to the majors with the Marlins, expect the veteran reliever to appear perhaps as a LOOGY. For a lefty, his splits aren't especially telling of lefty-dominance, but he does have a track record of getting hit quite a bit harder by right-handed hitters.