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The MLB Daily Dish: MLB trade rumors and news for May 14, 2016

Kick your day off right with the latest news, rumors, and analysis covering what could, should, and will affect your club's roster.

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The MLB Daily Dish is a daily feature we're running here at MLBDD and rounds up roster-impacting news, rumors, and analysis. Have feedback or have something that should be shared? Hit us at @mlbdailydish on Twitter.

Good morning baseball fans!

Jose Reyes' suspension was officially announced on Friday, and the Rockies shortstop will be suspended through May 31st, and the suspension will be retroactive. That means the suspension's total length is 51 games, and Reyes is forking over $6 million back to the team.

That being said, there are still some teams that are interesting in the shortstop. Where he ends up is the big question.

Max Scherzer's dominant 20 strikout start was amazing, but it wasn't even the best start in Scherzer's career.

Scherzer's win on Wednesday night did not even have the highest game score of his career. He achieved an even greater game score lsat year in his 17-strikeout no hit / no walk performance against the Mets. In that performance last October, Scherzer put up a 104 game score, awfully close to Wood's start.

Max Scherzer made history on Wednesday and no one can take that away from him. Strikeouts are fun (until there are too many and we all complain about the three ‘true outcomes) and the game was awesome to watch. Scherzer deserves all the credit in the world. Let's just keep in mind that even he himself has pitched more dominant games and in an era in which strikeouts are increasing at an increasing rate, he's actually thrown a more dominant game in a previous start.

It was promotion day yesterday, with the Rangers calling up Matt Bush and also signing Kyle Lohse to a minor-league deal. The Reds also promoted Jose Peraza, one of the key pieces in the Todd Frazier deal.

Here is a roundup of news from around the American League East.

The last week of baseball was filled with injury, and a recap of it all can be found here.

Jeff Sullivan says that it's all starting to click for Drew Pomeranz.

The elements are there. The fastball isn’t overpowering on its own, but Pomeranz uses it in an overpowering way, and it pairs well with the big 12-to-6 breaker. To offer something in between, Pomeranz has gotten a bit more comfortable with a changeup, that righties almost exclusively see over the outer half. There’s no one spot to watch, and there are no counts where Pomeranz is easy to read. You can try to guess fastball or curveball, and you can guess right, but that still doesn’t guarantee a hittable location. He’s gotten better at avoiding those hittable locations.

So as is not uncommon, it feels like this is going to come down to sustaining command. Pomeranz isn’t all that precise, but to this point he’s been precise enough. If he stays this precise, I don’t see why he’d come apart. If he starts hanging curves, that’s a problem. If the fastball leaks more out over the plate, that’s a problem. If the changeup betrays him, that’s a problem. But all these pitches can work excellently together. They already have. And if Pomeranz’s improvement in locating his repertoire is for real, that’s going to make this whole Padres season a hell of a lot easier to stomach.

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