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AL West Notes: Angels in on Lincecum, Matt Bush's debut

The latest news from around the American League West.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The short-list for Tim Lincecum has become smaller and smaller, yet the Angels find themselves still on that list. Looking at the Angels rotation, they could really use the help. Jered Weaver and Matt Shoemaker aren't pitching well. Injuries have forced the team to acquire Jhoulys Chacin from the Braves.

There are some things going for the Angels, as they are in California, they have room in their rotation and they should have the money to pay him. The stars are aligning for the Angels to get him, but anything can happen.

More news from around the American League West:

  • The Rangers promoted former number one overall pick Matt Bush, ending a 12-year journey for Bush to get to the majors.
  • If a book was written about the 2016 Oakland Athletics, it would be a rather sad book and wouldn't be called Moneyball.
  • Jumping on the Seattle Mariners bandwagon? Larry Stone of The Seattle Times says you shouldn't be embarrassed to hop on board. This franchise appears to be close to winning back some of the fans that they've crushed over the years.
  • The Astros are beginning to use Alex Bregman, their first round pick in last year's draft, to third base. With Carlos Correa breaking out at shortstop for the Astros, Bregman's path to the majors will need to be at another position, and the team hasn't ruled out him reaching the majors this season.