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The MLB Daily Dish: MLB trade rumors and news for May 17, 2016

Kick your day off right with the latest news, rumors, and analysis covering what could, should, and will affect your club's roster.

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The MLB Daily Dish is a daily feature we're running here at MLBDD and rounds up roster-impacting news, rumors, and analysis. Have feedback or have something that should be shared? Hit us at @mlbdailydish on Twitter.

Good morning baseball fans!

The Angels appear close to signing Tim Lincecum to a one-year deal.

In more Angels news, starter Garrett Richards has chosen to not have Tommy John surgery and instead will opt for a PRP injection and some rest.

How long with Rougned Odor be suspended for? Our own Chris Cotillo looked at some precedent to make a determination.

Ian Desmond has been a huge success for the Rangers.

Desmond has been a capable and versatile defensive outfielder. There was never a problem with his baserunning. His offense has rebounded in the early going, in large part because he’s been less willing than ever to go after the low-away pitch that would so consistently get him out. The power remains, and teammates have always loved him, and as I write this Desmond is just 30 years old. If he keeps this up, he’s going to be a hell of a free agent. If he keeps this up, the pillow contract will have worked out perfectly. Carlos Gomez‘s loss could be Ian Desmond’s gain. He could end up profiling similarly to Yoenis Cespedes, with less strength but with more glove.

So for Desmond’s future, this has been a wonderful month. And for Desmond’s present, he’s worked himself into being the starting center fielder on a first-place ballclub. You always have to see if adjustments survive a slump, but the early Ian Desmond has worked out flawlessly. A lot like how his old Nationals teammates predicted.

Here is the latest edition of The Rosterbatorical podcast, which talked about the Odor incident.

The Blue Jays claimed Jimmy Parades off of waivers.

Extending a general manager is risking business, but the White Sox and Mets should follow the Nationals lead and extend their GM's.

Mark Trumbo is off to a hot start, and it may be able to continue.

Naturally, if Trumbo's timing is optimized for fastballs, he'll be vulnerable to offspeed stuff. He has crushed changeups so far, but he's been vulnerable to sliders and curveballs, more so than last year.

Let's pull it all together. Trumbo appears to have made conscious decisions to avoid swinging at low pitches and to have better timing optimized for fastballs. The peripherals are that Trumbo is making a little less contact overall, but the pitches with which he is making contact are those he can pull for power and put in the air. He is also able to crush fastballs even more.

The final results are likely exactly what he wants. Trumbombs. Lots and lots of Trumbombs. It'll be interesting to see if/how pitchers adjust.

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Today in Baseball History: In 1998, David Wells throws the 13th perfect game in modern MLB history.

Question of the Day: How long should Odor be suspended for?