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MLB Daily Dish LIVE Episode 3: Chris Cotillo answers your questions

In Episode 3, I answer questions about the fallout from the Rangers-Jays brawl, early deadline rumors and which managers are in danger to be fired.

Monday night means it's Facebook Live time, and I spent 20 minutes answering reader questions on a variety of topics. I started by talking about the Angels' busy day and then answered these reader questions:

- What will the Rangers do at the trade deadline?

- What moves will the Cubs make before the deadline?

- How long until Tim Lincecum is in the majors?

- Will the Orioles fire Buck Showalter this year?

- Why was there no interest in Mat Latos this winter, but a lot of interest in Tim Lincecum?

- Will the Tigers finally fire Brad Ausmus?

- What suspensions do you expect for Rougned Odor and the others involved in the brawl?

- How long until the Athletics start selling?

- Who is available as a No. 2 starter before the deadline? Sonny Gray or Andrew Cashner?

- How long can the Red Sox' offense hide the weakness of a shaky pitching staff?

- Will the Yankees send Luis Severino back to Triple-A once he comes off the disabled list?

- Is Travis Shaw for real?

- Is Fredi Gonzalez the Braves' manager on July 1? (good thing I answered with no)

- Will Troy Tulowitzki ever start hitting as a Blue Jay?

- Who hits their next home run first, Bartolo Colon or Jason Heyward?

- What kind of return can the Athletics expect for Sonny Gray considering his slow start this year?

- Will the Astros trade for a starter to lead their rotation?

- What kind of haul could the Yankees get back for Aroldis Chapman?

- When does MLB usually hand down suspensions and how long is the appeal process?

- Is Mark Fidrych still a hometown hero in your hometown?

- Do you think the Braves will trade for Melvin Upton Jr.?

- If the Yankees trade for a player, who will it be?

- Do you see the Red Sox mortgaging the farm for another starting pitcher?

- If you're the manager, who is your Game 7 starter? Jake Arrieta, Chris Sale, or someone else?

- What will the Giants do at the trade deadline?

Watch here:

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Big thanks to all our followers on Facebook and on Twitter for the questions, the views, and the support. We'll be back next week. #MLBDDLive