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What's wrong with the Texas Rangers' new stadium plan? (A Friday Open Thread)

Tigers v Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers are reportedly in the market for a new ballpark. The City of Arlington and the Rangers are set to announce plans for a new stadium on Friday.

A press conference has been scheduled to discuss a "public-private partnership" that would reportedly split the bill 50/50 between Arlington and the Rangers.

According to the Star-Telegram, the new stadium -- which would feature a retractable roof -- would cost $900 million. Assuming the deal is indeed a 50/50 split with public funding, that puts the Arlington taxpayer on the hook for $450 million.

Globe Life Park was originally opened in 1994 and cost $191 million total to build. While a retractable roof would certainly be important during day games in Texas, Globe Life Park is still younger than Tropicana Field (1990), Rogers Centre (1989), and Coliseum (1966) among others.

So let's open this up for our Friday Open Thread and let you all sort this out.

What's wrong with the Rangers' new stadium plan?

We've asked our followers on twitter this exact question and will be posting the best responses right here, and we'll tweet out the best comments you leave below. Watch this space!

Adam J. Morris of Lone Star Ball swung by to Well, Actually us.