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Kyle Lohse set to throw for teams today

Kyle Lohse is yet another pitcher trying to work his way back into a major league rotation.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

While Tim Lincecum gets ready for his showcase tomorrow, where he'll pitch in front of representatives for at least 23 different teams, Kyle Lohse is taking the next step in his (potential) comeback some time today.

Heyman didn't mention which teams will be scouting Lohse, but per his report from April 18th, the Tigers, Reds, and Orioles were interested at the time. Cincinnati currently ranks last in terms of starting pitching fWAR, while Detroit and Baltimore are 18th, and 14th, respectively.

On the surface, the Reds have the biggest need, but given that they've recently begun the rebuilding process, they can probably allocate the innings that Lohse would take, and give them to someone in the minor league system that needs experience at the major league level.

At the moment, the Tigers only have one reliable starter in Jordan Zimmermann, although Michael Fulmer could join him on that list relatively soon. Justin Verlander has been a mess, while Anibal Sanchez, Shane Greene, and Mike Pelfrey have been similarly frustrating. As for the Orioles, only Chris Tillman and Kevin Gausman have respectable ERA's. Mike Wright, Ubaldo Jimenez, Tyler Wilson, Vance Worley, and the injured Yovani Gallardo all have values over 4.00.

While both Detroit and Baltimore could use another starting pitcher, it's hard to say if Lohse would represent an improvement over what they already have. However given that he's not going to command a notable salary, there's no real risk in offering him a deal and giving him a couple starts to prove his worth.