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NL Central Notes: Cubs record, Cardinals bullpen

The latest from around the NL Central.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Even after falling to the Marlins in game three of a four game series Saturday afternoon, the Cubs have a sizable lead in the National League Central. But Chicago’s loss in the series opener was its fourth in a row.

The Cubs matched the best start in the history of the franchise by opening the season 25-6. They will likely seek bullpen help before the non-waiver deadline but don’t have a reason to panic.

Chicago is on pace to win more than 100 games, but they have dropped six of the last 10 contests, making it clear why the front office is actively seeking upgrades.

There are ebbs and flows to the season, and just as the Cubs weren’t as good as their start that had them on pace for 130 wins, with a higher run differential than the Braves had runs scored, their last six weeks or so aren’t who they are, either. They have to figure out the tweaks they need to make, find out what’s keeping Jason Heyward from contributing at the plate, and hope that they are

More from around the National League Central:

  • Pittsburgh reinstated Juan Nicasio from the restricted list and selected Adam Frazier’s contract. Frazier could prove to be a valuable addition to the roster, since he can play several infield and outfield positions.

  • The Giants, seeking outfield help, have expressed interest in Jay Bruce. Bruce might not be available, though.

  • 31-year old rookie Junior Guerra has been one of Milwaukee’s most consistent starters since he was placed in the rotation in early May.

  • Even though St. Louis’ bullpen will likely turn things around in the coming weeks, the Cardinals could pursue relief help before the trade deadline.

  • In the eyes of some Cubs fans, David Ross should at least be considered an All-Star by fans voting this week.

Standings ‘as of writing’:

Cubs 48-25 — GB

Cardinals 38-34 9.5 GB

Pirates 36-39 13.0 GB

Brewers 34-40 14.5 GB

Red 28-47 21.0 GB