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NL East Notes: Stanton home run derby, Daniel Murphy

The latest news from around the National League East.

MLB: All Star Game-Home Run Derby Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton made history last night, clubbing 61 home runs in route to a Home Run Derby victory over defending champ Todd Frazier in the final round. Those 61 dingers were a derby record.

The only problem, the Marlins are going to pay a bunch for that. Miami sent out an email to people who have bought tickets with them before, saying that for every home run that Stanton hits out of Petco Park, they will knock off a percent of future tickets. A quick look at the math and that would be 61 percent off future tickets for Marlins games.

Their only saving grace could be the phrase ‘out of Petco Park’, meaning that the home runs would have had to landed outside the stadium, but we shall see.

More from around the National League East:

Standings ‘as of writing’:

Washington 54-36 — GB

Miami 47-41 6.0 GB

NY Mets 47-41 6.0 GB

Philadelphia 42-48 12.0 GB

Atlanta 31-58 22.5 GB