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Diamondbacks willing to trade Hudson, Clippard but not starters

The D-Backs have already traded reliever Brad Ziegler, but will he be the last reliever on the move?

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The D-Backs are more willing to trade relievers such as Daniel Hudson and Tyler Clippard than starters, according to Nick Piecoro and Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic.

Starters like Robbie Ray or Patrick Corbin aren’t going anywhere, Piecoro and McLellan report GM Dave Stewart is saying.

Though Ray and Corbin don’t exactly have the greatest stat lines in the world, the starting pitching market this trade deadline is a bit thin and anywhere teams can get help makes sense.

The D-Backs, though, are probably going to try to build a better team in the offseason, especially since they have a contract like the one they gave to Zack Greinke and make an attempt to not continue being fifth in the NL West, as it currently stands. Having pitchers like Ray and Corbin stay in the rotation allows the D-Backs to fill holes in other spots.

Trading veteran pitchers such as Clippard and Hudson also makes sense, as the reliever market is something that teams are looking at. Clippard is having a solid year and will likely get Arizona something of value in return. Hudson, though not having as good a season as Clippard, will also provide value in a trade when it comes to returns.

The team has already traded Brad Ziegler to the Red Sox earlier this month. It doesn’t look like Ziegler will be the only reliever traded away from the D-Backs this season.