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Twins fired GM Terry Ryan first reactions: Why Now?

The timing was just strange.

Minnesota Twins Introduce Paul Molitor Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Minnesota fired General Manager Terry Ryan, the club announced Monday afternoon in a press release.

The Twins have consistently struggled in the American League Central and currently sit 21.0 games behind the Indians in the division.

Since the Twins haven’t been in the playoff conversation for several seasons, the move isn’t surprising. However, the timing of the decision is notable.

Our first reaction was something like this, since the timing just doesn’t seem right:

Is there a chance Ryan didn’t want to wait until the end of the season? That seems like a respectable choice:

It seems the Twins no longer want to discuss loyalty:

Look at this! It screams loyal:

The trade deadline is two weeks away, so the Twins probably needed someone in-house to take control for now:

Minnesota isn’t waiting for the off-season to try and find Ryan’s replacement:

Twins fans have often said the front office hasn’t spent enough. Is that really the case?

Could this be a good move for Minnesota’s prospects?

The trade deadline is in two weeks. Does anyone beside Twins fans care?

Was it about time?

Positive reactions are good?

It might have been overdue, but the loyalty got in a way?

This is one way to look at it:

The rest of the American League Central obviously disagrees with the move:

The wording was, well, distinct:

Hot Phil Hughes take alert:

A new GM is coming for the Twins, which could be a good thing for the game in the long run.