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The biggest stories 7 hours before the trade deadline

Here’s what you need to know.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Though it seems like it’s many hours away, the trade deadline will be arriving as many deals break. Here are a few of stories you should be aware of as 4 p.m. ET arrives.

  • Jonathan Lucroy might be dealt before the deadline.
  • The following starting pitchers are drawing interest from teams: Rich Hill, Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore, Drew Smyly, Jake Odorizzi, Chris Archer, and Chris Sale.
  • There are a couple of outfielders also drawing interest from teams, such as Jay Bruce, Carlos Beltran, and Josh Reddick.
  • Will the White Sox move Chris Sale?

The trade that would’ve sent Lucroy to the Indians was vetoed by the catcher, which means that the Brewers will likely look elsewhere to trade him. Word is that it will likely be the Rangers, who are not mentioned in Lucroy’s limited no-trade clause. Jon Heyman reported that the Rangers might give up a reliever, and maybe even Joey Gallo.

There are a lot of starters on the market, some of whom were not being mentioned as on the market until recently, but as the deadline gets closer, mysteries get unraveled. It was known before that starters such as Rich Hill and Chris Archer were rumored to be drawing interest, but now there’s players like Smyly on the market.

In a sharp move, the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Rangers all appear to be interested in acquiring Chris Sale from the White Sox.

The Giants appear to be aiming for Moore to replace either Jake Peavy or Matt Cain in the rotation. The Giants do have a fairly good 1-2-3 punch of Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, and Jeff Samardzija anchoring said rotation, though, and also one of the best rotation ERAs in the National League.

Outfielders are also on the market. While Carlos Gonzalez appears to be staying put as the Rockies gain ground in the National League Wild Card race, Jay Bruce is in demand. John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that with fewer relievers on the market, the Giants are looking at making a run at Bruce. Though Hunter Pence is back, having Bruce in the lineup would bolster a somewhat average outfield.

The Yankees are listening to teams about Carlos Beltran and among those teams are the Astros, Red Sox, Rangers, and Indians, who all are looking to add a strong bat in their lineups. The Yankees don’t seem to keen to be helping out the Red Sox, though.