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8 prospects to watch for during September callups

With the rosters expanding soon, who are some key prospects to watch out for?

San Diego Padres v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

One thing that’s certain every season is when the active rosters expand from 25 men to 40 men. Though each roster doesn’t always have the best prospects in baseball, there are a few standing gems worth keeping an eye on.

For this list, only players who are already on a 40-man roster were considered.

Lucas Giolito, Washington Nationals

Giolito’s already been up in the big leagues this season, with his last start coming on Jul. 24 against the San Diego Padres. There’s a very high chance he’ll be called up this September, especially if the Nationals don’t lose their lead in the NL East.

Brandon Nimmo, New York Mets

Like Giolito, Nimmo has already been up this season, having played 20 games between June and August. However, he was sent back down to Triple-A Las Vegas. When rosters expand, though, and if the Mets don’t seem that they’re going to even make the Wild Card race, it’s highly possible to see Nimmo getting some playing time here and there.

Byron Buxton, Minnesota Twins

The centerfielder has been ranked the second best prospect in all of baseball by MLB, Baseball America, and Baseball Prospectus. Buxton has made his debut with the Twins in 2015 and has a substantial amount of playing time in 2016, but is currently with Triple-A Rochester after hitting .193/.247/.315 at the MLB level this year. Buxton is hitting .318/.382/.561 in the minor leagues this year.

Jorge Lopez, Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers don’t exactly have one of the best rotations in baseball at the moment. With one of their top pitching prospects, Lopez, being on the 40-man roster, there’s a chance he could be added to the active roster when it expands and given some time on the mound. The Brewers have nothing to lose and letting Lopez experience the Major League level with little pressure could be good. Lopez made previously made his debut with the Brewers in 2015.

Robert Stephenson, Cincinnati Reds

Stephenson made his Major League debut this year and has made two starts at the level thus far. Like the Brewers and Lopez, though, the Reds don’t necessarily have one of the best rotations in baseball and, rather, it’s the opposite. There’s nothing for the Reds to lose here unless they decide to shut Stephenson down the rest of the season due to an inning limit.

Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers

Yes, Joey Gallo has made it to the big leagues this season, but he’s still Joey Gallo and hits Gallo dingers. Enough said. While the Rangers have a good lead in the AL West and now isn’t exactly the time to test out prospects while they’re in the middle of trying to win it all, nothing says you can’t put Gallo into a game every now and then.

Jharel Cotton, Oakland Athletics

The A’s acquired Jharel Cotton in the trade that sent Josh Reddick and Rich Hill to the Los Angeles Dodgers and has been succeeding with Triple-A Nashville, including a near no-hitter at one point. He’s closing in on pitching the most innings he’s pitched in a season, so there’s a chance he could get shut down, but as it is, he could be an interesting call up.

Manuel Margot, San Diego Padres

The Padres are another team with nothing to lose. Margot, who was ranked by Baseball Prospectus as the organization’s #1 prospect and by Baseball America as its #2, is hitting .302/.351/.428 with Triple-A El Paso. Yes, the PCL is a hitter’s league, but again, the Padres have nothing to lose by calling him up.