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Tim Tebow tried out and found “5-6 MLB teams” that are apparently interested

The former NFL quarterback dazzled the crowd with his league average skillset.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Alabama vs Clemson Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The long-awaited Tim Tebow showcase for MLB teams has come and gone, and 28 teams reportedly sent scouts to do their due-diligence. Original reports suggested that 27 teams were scheduled to watch, but the Nationals just couldn’t keep themselves away.

Maybe they just didn’t want to admit it out loud. Or maybe they sent their scout in a Groucho Marx mask. I prefer to imagine the latter.

Dusty Baker: “Why hello kind sirs, I am here to watch the football player do the baseball things today.”

Jerry Crasnick: “Okay.”

Dusty Baker: “I have been sent here by not the Nationals.”

Jerry Crasnick: ...

Dusty Baker: “Possibly... the Reds?”

Jerry Crasnick: “Stop talking Dusty.”

According to Rosenthal, the Cubs and Athletics were the lone teams to act intelligent keep their scouts assigned elsewhere. However, the joke may be on them, as five to six teams have apparently shown interest in signing Tebow, according to his agent.

Just to be clear, that’s between five and six MLB teams. Not to be confused with the Venezuelan winter ball team that offered Tebow a contract prior to the showcase even happening. Because, while signing a contract to play baseball in Venezuela would be a nice achievement in its own right, it would be a bit like trying to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and ending up in the CFL.

Aside from sounding a bit like the plot of Eastbound and Down, Tebow’s MLB prospects do actually seem better than Kenny Powers. During his workout, he reportedly hit a baseball 440-feet over the fences in right field.

While power seems to be his primary tool, Tebow showed a 45-grade arm and 55-grade speed running a 6.76 60-yard dash. That’s actually a pretty favorable and respectable scouting report. In all, most reports seem mixed, calling Tebow “a project” or “fringe but serviceable.” That sounds like fourth-outfielder, lefty bench bat to me making this the most publicity a 29-year old platoon prospect has ever received.