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The Tim Tebow Tracker

Your key to understanding and following the Tim Tebow circus.

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees
Look, there he is.
Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

By now, you’re well aware that Tim Tebow wants to play professional baseball. You’re probably even aware that he held a showcase of his talents for major league scouts.

Well, it seems like this saga has only just hit its Empire Strikes Back episode, and we’re still waiting on the Return of this Jedi.

First, let’s explain how we got here. Tebow, a former NFL quarterback, announced he wanted to play baseball now. People are paying attention to it because Tebow is a polarizing figure and—whether you like it or not—an excellent athlete.

Former big leaguers Chad Moeller and Gary Sheffield worked with Tebow to not only prep him for major league baseball, but also talk him up in the media. Representation like that helped to get Tebow his showcase.

The showcase happened, and now there are scouting reports for him:

To sum that up quickly, it actually went pretty well, and Tebow didn’t embarrass himself. 28 teams showed up to watch Tebow with the lone holdouts being the Athletics and Cubs. Every party needs a pooper.

The Giants were supposed to skip the showcase too, but they just couldn’t keep themselves away. Their arrival probably went something like this:

“Well, we were in the area and we just thought ‘well heck, why not?’ Plus we heard all of our friends woul... Did that ball just go over the trees?”

But are teams actually interested in this media circus? As it turns out: Yes.

Here are all your Tebow links confirming it:

ESPN’s Pedro Gomez has reason to believe that the Atlanta Braves are the best fit.

A challenger approaches though, as the Kansas City Royals may have already offered him a contract according to Marcellus Wiley. Though that claim is disputed.

If the major leagues aren’t going to work out, a Venezuelan winter league team is more than happy to sign him.

We’ve also had our first Independent League team offer Tebow a deal as the Bridgeport Bluefish will agree to find a spot for him in their crowded outfield.*

* - the writer of this article actually doesn’t know whether the Bluefish have a crowded outfield or not.