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The Rosterbatorical Episode 41: Baseball and beer talk with Eno Sarris

The latest edition of the Rosterbatorical, the official MLB Daily Dish podcast.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Hello baseball fans, and welcome back to another edition of the Rosterbatorical, the official MLB Daily Dish podcast, and this week's episode is a special one. This time, Matt and Chris are joined by a very special guest, FanGraphs' own Eno Sarris joins the program to talk about a whole bunch of stuff.

Eno talks about his new book and the world of trading beer like baseball cards, along with some of the best parks he's been to for beer. After talking about that, the guys break into some baseball talk, with Matt and Chris asking Eno some questions about a bunch of wide ranging topics.

Chris obviously brings up his Mets,an article that Eno wrote after the World Series in November and how it's all gone terribly wrong. Matt asks some Giants questions, and gets his Tim Lincecum reference in for this show.

It's a fun-filled episode with a lot of topics being covered, and Eno has a little surprise for the listeners at the beginning.

You can listen to the show through the player below, or download it here.

Key timestamps:

1:18- Breaking down trading beer

3:05- Best parks to drink beer

4:51- Talking about minor league parks

8:50- The BeerGraphs leaderboards

10:41- Chris asks a Mets question

15:05- Will David Wright ever play again?

17:26- What’s going on with Alex Bregman?

22:57- Gurriel Jr. is now a free agent

26:25- Matt almost ruins the show

29:20- Is there hope for Tim Lincecum?

As always, you can follow the show @MLBDailyDish and follow the hosts @ChrisRSchubert and @TheOriginalBull. Be sure to follow our guest this week as well, @EnoSarris.

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