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MLB Blog Review: Red Sox, White Sox, Orioles

End your weekend on the right note with the latest news, rumors and analysis from blogs around the game.

AL Wild Card Game: Baltimore Orioles v. Toronto Blue Jays

MLB Blog Review is a weekly piece we're running here at MLBDD. Each week, we will highlight what blogs around baseball are discussing.

  • Over The Monster looks at a potential Red Sox trade with the Diamondbacks.

  • South Side Sox wonders which positions aren’t even ready for a rebuild.

  • Camden Chat reviews Matt Wieters’ career with the Orioles.

  • Talking Chop discusses why the Braves had to rebuild and when it might happen again.

  • Beyond The Box Score lists this offseason’s biggest remaining stories.

  • Lookout Landing wonders why Jason Hammel isn’t a Mariner.

  • McCovey Chronicles reveals what a Giants package for Brian Dozier might look like.

  • Pinstripe Alley wonders if the Yankees’ outfield defense can be a strength in 2017.

  • Royals Review reveals how the Royals celebrated Christmas.

  • Let’s Go Tribe discusses expectations for Edwin Encarnacion.

  • Jays from The Couch evaluates a potential Brett Gardner trade.

  • Pirates Breakdown reviews 2016 moments that mattered for Pittsburgh.

  • Outside Pitch MLB analyzes Washington’s 2017 payroll.

  • The Runner Sports looks at resolutions for the Astros next season.