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The Brewers should release Matt Garza

In making another social media mistake, Garza reminds us he exists, is not very good, and should probably be sent packing.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I don’t usually get into namecalling here. That’s what Twitter is for. But Brewers starter Matt Garza is a real dick. Earlier today, actress Jessica Chastain expressed her alarm and disappointment that the GOP plan for health care reform might not require insurance companies to cover birth control. You can believe what you want about that proposal. I’m not going to preach in this forum. Again, that’s what Twitter is for. But Garza’s response was laughable:

Women, obviously, take birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But they also take it for other important medical reasons. To treat disorders and diseases, and to regulate and temper their cycles. There are excellent and medically important reasons, beyond not bringing an unplanned child into the world, for birth control to be covered by health insurance, is my point and the point of literally anyone who has thought about this issue for longer than Garza did to construct his typo-strewn tweet.

This is not the first time Garza has gotten into trouble on social media either. Here’s his exchange with Eric Sogard and his wife, after Sogard’s wife responded (very mildly) to Garza’s annoyance that he was being bunted to death against the A’s:

So Matt Garza doesn’t think much of women. He thinks anyone on birth control is an unmarried slut and he believes that women should stand back and let the menfolk sort things out. He’s a douchey, not well-liked presence in Major League Baseball, who has worn out his welcome at every stop in his career. And that career will likely end soon, not because of what Garza says, but because he’s not good anymore. You can stay in baseball if you’re an asshole, as long as you can contribute. Reggie Jackson, Jack Morris, and Jose Canseco proved that. But, as Dave Kingman also proved, the moment having you around doesn’t help the team, you’re gone.

Garza, of course, used to be good. From 2007-2014, he had a 3.74 ERA and a 109 ERA+. He was a decent mid-rotation starter, who could occasionally pitch like he was more than that. Now? He’s injured, he’s got reduced velocity, and he’s going to be 33. He’s not going to get better.

Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projections have Garza at about replacement level in 2017, when he’ll be asked to try to be the 5th starter for the Brewers. But here’s the thing about replacement level players: they’re replaceable. Quite easily so. The Brewers can turn to Wily Peralta or Taylor Jungmann or Tommy Milone and get just as good, or better, performance out of that spot. And they won’t have to deal with Garza’s idiocy embarrassing an exciting young team in front of potential new fans. The money that was promised to Garza is already spent. And there likely won’t be a return on that investment. So, honestly, Milwaukee can spare themselves from the headache and just release him now. Because whether it’s on the mound or on Twitter, they aren’t going to get anything good out of Matt Garza.