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AL Central News: Sano considering surgery

Check out what’s going on in the American League Central.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

*Miguel Sano is considering surgery for his postseason hindering shin injury. His issues stems from fouling a ball off of his leg in mid-August, which cause a stress reaction. While this injury typically has a recovery time of a month and do not contain an actual fracture to the bone like a stress fracture, it still does not allow the injured person to participate in any weight-bearing activities.

Sano’s premature return to the field during the last three games of the season potentially pushed his injury to a point of needing surgery. If the 24-year old elects to go under the knife, a titanium rod will be placed in his leg to stabilize the bone and also to make airport security that much more difficult.

The young slugger had a strong third season in Minnesota, slashing .264/.352/.507 with 28 homers. He also not only earned a roster spot on the American League All-Star team, but showed off his power in the Home Run Derby, only to be defeated by Aaron Judge in the final round.

Recovery from this surgery is eight weeks.

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