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NL East News: Phillies to interview Mickey Callaway for manager position

Check out what’s going on in the National League East.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies will interview Cleveland’s pitching coach Mickey Callaway to fill the skipper sized hole on the team. The 42-year old has been with the tribe since 2013, and is credited with the career elevations of Trevor Bauer, Carlso Carrasco, and Corey Kluber. Imagine what he’d be able to pull off in Philadelphia?

While the Philles have also interviewed extensive candidates within the organization like Juan Samuel and Dusty Wathan, having a pair of fresh eyes come to the team wouldn’t be the worst thing. Especially considering that those eye have seen such a good amount of success by their team over the past few seasons.

Here’s what other news and rumors are going down across the National League East: