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NL Central News: Garza does not have 2018 option for Brewers

Check out everything going on in the National League Central.

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In the final twist of what was already a confusing contract, it appears that Matt Garza doesn’t have a 2018 team option with the Milwaukee Brewers after all.

It was initially though (and for years reported that) if Garza’s 2018 option didn't automatically vest, it would then be converted into a $5 million team option. As it turns out, there was a condition in that overly complex contract that such option was conditional.

In what turned out to be a boring and albeit disappointing season, Garza pitched a 4.94 ERA over 114.2 innings and striking out 79. However, those middle of the road numbers are better than a giant gaping hole in the starting rotation, which is what the Brewers are now left with. With internal options running thin, it looks like they’ll be hitting the free agent market this winter to find a new veteran starter.

Here’s what other news and rumors are going down across the National League Central: