Rangers 2018 OOTP Contest

Contending in 2018 for the Rangers hinges on the ability to sign Shohei Otani. Signing him would give the Rangers a cost controlled front of the rotation pitcher that the team has lacked every year it has been in contention for the last decade. So goal number 1: sign Otani. Assuming the successful signing of Otani, the goal after that is to go for it all.

The pitching staff still needs help, at least a number 3 starter and proven set-up man/closer. For the starter, I would go hard after Alex Cobb, who is used to pitching in the AL and in high scoring environments. His peripherals suggest he would be able to maintain that success well in Arlington. Lance Lynn would be my fall back option. For the reliever I would sign Addison Reed. He's relatively young, has closing experience, and has been a top set-up man for a couple years now on contenders. I might look to add a guy like Bud Norris or Tommy Hunter for the right price. Both have had success in the bullpen and could provide better spot start options than Nick Martinez.

From a position player standpoint, the only free agent is Carlos Gomez who we can afford to let walk. It would open a hole up in the outfield rotation which I would fill with either Chris Young or Austin Jackson (I.E. a right-handed bat with the ability to play CF). After that, a right handed bat on the bench who could play the corner infield is my next target. Given the amount of young, left handed hitting players I have, I'd deal 1B prospect Guzman for one. Maybe Sam Travis from the Red Sox or Steve Pearce.

In the draft, I target arms, arms, and more arms. I know they're riskier, but offense is never hard to find in Arlington. There have not been many home grown pitchers to make it through the system and have a high level of success in the majors, so I go into it looking for those players.

Our record at the trade deadline will determine our actions. The goal is to be competing with the Astros for the division, so I'm looking for a fresh bullpen arm and, depending on if Odor has a bounce back year, a corner outfield bat. If Odor is doing well, I keep him, if he's batting at the Mendoza line again, I deal him for a corner outfielder with multiple years of control placing Calhoun at 2B. If we're multiple games back in the Wild Card, I sell. Beltre and a bullpen arm or two will go, Hamels too if the price is right, and Choo to dump the contract.


Deshields CF

Choo DH

Beltre 3B

Mazara RF

Andrus SS

Gallo 1B

Calhoun LF

Chirinos C

Odor 2B







Hamels SP

Otani SP

Cobb SP

Perez SP

Griffin/Mendez SP

Claudio LHP

Kela RHP

Diekman LHP

Leclerc RHP

Bush RHP

Barnette RHP

Reed CP

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