Jeffrey Todd of MLBTradeRumors- An Expose

Earlier this year, I asked Jeffrey Todd a simple question in an email : "Do you think Shohei Ohtani could get posted this winter?". The Response i got from him, while it contained much fouler, 4-letter/12-letter words, included "knucklehead" and "inane b------". While this may not sound true, it was. He didn't appreciate me asking a friendly question. Worse, he said "he hoped my house burned down".

Why? He said that I "was just a fan" and "didn't deserve S****". This rant was followed by 3 emails which were so obscene I couldn't print them. So when praising writers as great people, remember Jeffrey Todd.

While legal, this was an upsetting epsiode. So beware, never ask Jeffrey F-Word Todd a question.

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