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Angels sign former Braves prospect Kevin Maitan

Maitan was made a free agent on Monday as a result of penalties against the Braves.

Jeff Jones

Just one day after being made a free agent, 17-year-old Kevin Maitan has signed with the Angels, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.

Maitan was released of his contract with the Braves after significant penalties were handed down to the organization as a result of multiple infractions regarding international prospects and illegal signing bonuses. Maitan is one of 13 Braves’ prospects that were made free agents on Monday

The shortstop struggled at rookie ball, slashing .220/.273/.323 in 33 games. Despite the rocky start, Maitan is widely considered to be the most coveted prospect the Braves had to surrender as a result of their infractions. Maitan was the 5th-ranked prospect in the Braves’ farm system, and was ranked 38th in the league by MLB Pipeline.

Maitan is a switch-hitting shortstop with plenty of room to grow in the years to come, given his young age and a potential that has scouts comparing him to Miguel Cabrera and Miguel Sano.