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NL East: Mets, Neil Walker discussing contract extension

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Here’s everything going down in the National League East.

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Mets and Neil Walker and reportedly discussing contract extension options. This comes after Walker accepted a $17.2 qualifying offer from New York in November. This spring training will be telling for Walker, as he will try out both corner infield positions, and his success there could determine if he receives a contract extension or not.

Here’s what else is happening in the National League East:

  • Sean Rodriguez has undergone shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. There’s no timetable yet on when, or if, he’ll return.
  • The Nationals have signed free agent Adam Lind.
  • Is Edinson Vólquez destined to be the Marlins ace?
  • Zach Wheeler will be on an innings limit after reporting tenderness in his elbow.
  • The Phillies have hired a specialist to help foreign players get better acclimated with the U.S.
  • Dusty Baker doesn’t seem too concerned with the Nationals rushing to find the right closer.
  • Mike Foltynewicz is coming to spring training with the determination to secure a spot in the Braves rotation.
  • Where in the Marlins batting order should Dee Gordon hit?
  • Here’s a breakdown of all the mechanical issues in Kevin Plawecki’s swing.
  • This is your go to guide on everything you need to know about Phillies spring training.
  • Miami has a 75/1 chance of winning the World Series, so time to prove all those haters wrong.
  • Jeanmar Gomez was just named the closer for the Phillies this season and...well, we have some concerns.
  • Is Stephen Strasburg back at full strength?
  • Here’s what to watch for at Braves spring training.