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Mets have discussed an extension with Neil Walker

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Walker is interested in remaining in Flushing Meadows if the price is right.

MLB: New York Mets at San Francisco Giants Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Mets second baseman Neil Walker took the qualifying offer from the Mets this offseason when it was offered to him, and signed the one year deal for $17 million. If he has his way, however, he’ll be in Flushing Meadows a lot longer than that. Walker told reporters that he has had “some discussions” with the Mets about an extension:

For me, looking at this, this is where I want to be, looking down the road, looking at what’s here and the potential (of what the) next two, three, four years look like, this is an exciting place to be as a big league ballplayer. Nothing has come to fruition just yet, but it doesn’t mean something won’t happen.

Walker was very productive last year for the Mets, hitting .282/.347/.476, and tying a career high with 23 home runs. It was his best offensive season since his rookie year. He also was an asset on defense for, basically, the first time ever.

But the news wasn’t all good. A back problem that Walker had suffered from since at least 2012 became too difficult to play through in late August. Walker was shut down for all of September and missed the postseason after undergoing surgery to fix a herniated disk.

Assuming his back is fixed, the 31 year old is probably still an excellent bet to be valuable over the next two or three seasons. His offense has consistently been good for a second baseman and he can essentially always be counted on to be worth between two and three wins above replacement. And if his defensive gains are sustainable, he could be worth even more. There’s value in that kind of certainty, and with no heir apparent close in the minor league system, the Mets would get a lot of value out of a three year, $50 million extension. And it certainly sounds like Walker is willing to get something done.