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NL West: Giants farm system full of potential

Check out what’s going on in the National League West.

Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs - Game Two Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Don’t sleep on the Giants farm system, its rife with potential powerhouses for 2017. It’s not new information that the Giants need pitching, but that help could be found sooner rather than later, in the depths of the farm system. Joan Gregorio, if ready, could provide solid bullpen help for San Francisco over the course of next season.

Here’s what other news is floating around the National League West:

  • D.J. LeMahieu is looking to have a substantial year with Colorado.
  • Tyrell Jenkins has made his debut against the Angels and well, we have high hopes.
  • The Diamondbacks beat the Reds 6-1 in a spring training game, thank goodness.
  • The Giants have officially paid of all their debts and are the fancy new owners of their very own stadium.
  • Scott Kazmir is set to start for the Dodgers on Wednesday, so ready your DVR.
  • German Marquez will be dedicating his spring training to snatching a rotation spot.
  • Hold on to your hearts, Tony Gwynn Jr. will be helping out in the Padres broadcast booth this season.
  • bad is Zack Greinke’s shoulder, exactly? The outlook isn’t stellar.
  • Pedro Baez and Jacob Rhame are nursing minor injuries and should be in tip top shape in about a week.
  • The Rockies and Carlos Gonzalez have yet to talk about an extension, so should we be concerned?
  • QUICK, name the 69 players on the Padres spring training roster in under eight minutes.
  • Who will the Diamondbacks’ fifth starter be?
  • If Eduardo Nunez could just be an all-star again, that would be greaaaaaat.
  • Rich Hill’s curveball was looking all sorts of nasty during his spring training appearance on Sunday.