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Who will be the first big-name player traded in 2017?

With four potential contenders off to struggles, let’s hear your ideas on who should pull the early plug on selling off some veterans.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

You really shouldn’t panic about your team’s bad start in mid-April...but it’s our job to make you wonder and we’re a bit worried about the Blue Jays, Rangers, Cardinals and Giants over here at MLBDD headquarters. While we don’t expect any big trades to go down by the end of April, teams could always surprise us with a major move.

That means it’s prediction time, and you guys, the readers, get to be the prognosticators. Tell us, in the comments, who the first significant player to be traded will be and where he will go. If you’re correct come June or July, we’ll get a prize to you.

Don’t you wish you would’ve thought of James Shields to the White Sox a year ago right now?