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AL East: J.A. Happ heads to 10-day DL for elbow

Check out what’s going down in the American League East.

MLB: ALDS-Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

J.A. Happ will head to the 10-day disabled list due to slight elbow inflammation. The veteran stronghold left a game in the fourth inning last week after lingering pain in his arm was causing him to lose control of his pitches. Luckily, the MRI results for Happ were negative of any actual damage to his elbow. The lefty hasn’t had a serious injury since his rookie years with the Phillies, so the Blue Jays moving him to the 10-day DL is mostly precautionary and nothing to lose sleep over. He should only miss a few starts for Toronto.

Here’s what other news is floating around the American League East: