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MLB Draft 2017: Angels select Jordon Adell with tenth overall pick

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the tenth overall pick, the Angels have selected outfielder Jordon Adell from Ballard High School in Kentucky. In mock drafts, had Adell to be selected with the 13th pick, Baseball America had him going with the 14th pick, and had him going 9th.

Commonly referred to as “Jo” Adell, the high school outfielder has seen his stock rise this spring after a powerful season. At 6’2” and 195 pounds, Adell has begun playing to his size and many scouts believe he is a player who could hit 25 home runs at the big league level.

Adell’s skill set has drawn comparisons to Byron Buxton and Melvin Upton Jr. as he loads of raw power and a violent swing at the dish. Adell’s violent swing does get him in trouble occasionally causing him to swing and miss at a higher rate than many teams would like for a young prospect.

Adell also tends to struggle against hard fastballs and needs to learn how to recognize breaking pitches better than he currently does. Still, Adell already has the physical makeup of a big leaguer, and if he taps into his power, the Angels could be rewarded with a phenomenal prospect.

Adell has the speed and arm to stick in center field, and it is likely he does remain in center early in his pro career. He has had some concerns with arm soreness, but that was not serious enough to affect his draft stock that only increased leading up to the draft.

For more on Adell, check out Chris Cotillo’s Q&A with him here.