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MLB Draft 2017: Final Composite Mock Draft

A final-day look at which players each team is likely to select in tonight’s draft.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Draft begins tonight, so analysts are furiously preparing their latest mock drafts as every whisper and rumor hits their phones. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of what the four big-time draft analysts (BA’s John Manuel, ESPN’s Keith Law and’s Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo) are predicting for this evening.

First Round:

1. Twins: LHP/1B Brendan McKay (Manuel, Law, Callis, Mayo)

2. Reds: RHP/SS Hunter Greene (Manuel, Law, Callis, Mayo)

3. Padres: LHP MacKenzie Gore (Manuel, Law, Callis, Mayo)

4. Rays: SS Royce Lewis (Law, Callis, Mayo); OF Bubba Thompson (Manuel)

5. Braves: RHP Kyle Wright (Manuel, Law); 2B/OF Keston Hiura (Callis, Mayo)

6. Athletics: OF Austin Beck (Law, Mayo); RHP Kyle Wright (Callis); 2B/OF Keston Hiura (Manuel)

7. Diamondbacks: SS Royce Lewis (Manuel); OF Adam Haseley (Law); RHP Kyle Wright (Mayo); 1B Pavin Smith (Callis)

8. Phillies: OF Adam Haseley (Manuel, Callis); 1B Pavin Smith (Law, Mayo)

9. Brewers: OF Austin Beck (Manuel, Callis); OF Jordon Adell (Law, Mayo)

10. Angels: RHP Alex Faedo (Manuel, Callis); 2B/OF Keston Hiura (Law); OF Adam Haseley (Mayo)

11. White Sox: RHP J.B. Bukauskas (Law, Callis, Mayo); 1B Pavin Smith (Manuel)

12. Pirates: 1B Nick Pratto (Manuel); LHP Trevor Rogers (Law); RHP Shane Baz (Callis); OF Jeren Kendall (Mayo)

13. Marlins: RHP Shane Baz (Manuel, Mayo); RHP Alex Faedo (Law); OF Jordon Adell (Callis)

14. Royals: LHP Trevor Rogers (Callis, Mayo); OF Jeren Kendall (Law); OF Jordan Adell (Manuel)

15. Astros: RHP J.B. Bukauskas (Manuel); RHP Shane Baz (Law); OF Jeren Kendall (Callis); 3B Jake Burger (Mayo)

16. Yankees: 1B Nick Pratto (Callis, Mayo); LHP David Peterson (Law); 1B Evan White (Manuel)

17. Mariners: LHP David Peterson (Manuel, Callis); 3B Jake Burger (Law); RHP Alex Faedo (Mayo)

18. Tigers: LHP D.L. Hall (Law, Callis); RHP Nate Pearson (Manuel); LHP Seth Romero (Mayo)

19. Giants: 1B Evan White (Law, Callis); LHP D.L. Hall (Manuel); LHP David Peterson (Mayo)

20. Mets: RHP Nate Pearson (Callis, Mayo); RHP Alex Lange (Law); LHP Trevor Rogers (Manuel)

21. Orioles: OF Heliot Ramos (Manuel, Callis); RHP Tanner Houck (Law); SS Logan Warmoth (Mayo)

22. Blue Jays: SS Logan Warmoth (Manuel, Callis); RHP Nate Pearson (Law); 1B Evan White (Mayo)

23. Dodgers: OF Jeren Kendall (Manuel); SS Logan Warmoth (Law); OF Bubba Thompson (Callis); RHP Tanner Houck (Mayo)

24. Red Sox: 3B Jake Burger (Manuel, Callis); 1B Nick Pratto (Law); OF Bubba Thompson (Mayo)

25. Nationals: LHP Seth Romero (Manuel, Law, Callis); RHP Alex Lange (Mayo)

26. Rangers: RHP Tanner Houck (Manuel); OF Bubba Thompson (Law); OF Tristen Lutz (Callis); LHP D.L. Hall (Mayo)

27. Cubs: RHP Clarke Schmidt (Manuel); RHP Drew Rasmussen (ESPN); RHP Tanner Houck (Callis); SS Nick Allen (Mayo)

28. Blue Jays: OF Gavin Sheets (Manuel, Mayo); RHP Sam Carlson (Callis)

29. Rangers: RHP Sam Carlson (Manuel); RHP Steven Jennings (Callis); OF Tristen Lutz (Mayo)

30. Cubs: SS Nick Allen (Manuel); RHP Drew Rasmussen (Callis); RHP Sam Carlson (Mayo)