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MLB Draft 2017: Twins considering Brendan McKay, Royce Lewis with first pick

The Twins are expected to select either Brendan McKay or Royce Lewis with the first overall pick.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports, it appears that the Twins are now considering only two players as they prepare to make the first overall selection in this year’s MLB Draft.

Despite the fact that California high-schooler Hunter Greene is the consensus top prospect in this year’s MLB Draft class, the Twins apparently aren’t interested in making him the first high-school right-handed pitcher ever to be selected first overall. That’s been publicly known for a while now. It was more widely thought, however, that Minnesota might be interested in Vanderbilt right-hander Kyle Wright, who is unanimously ranked as the top collegiate righty in this draft class.

While McKay is an extremely intriguing left-handed arm, he’s also greatly skilled as a hitter and may end up going that route as a pro. Considering the fact that McKay and Lewis—who has experience both at shortstop and in center field—seem to be the Twins’ only options, it’s certainly possible that Minnesota has decided to select a position player. That decision would be entirely understandable since the Twins’ minor-league system is much heavier on pitching prospects than position players at the moment.