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NL Central: Cubs (finally) send Zobrist to the DL

Check out all the news going on in the National League Central.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Ben Zobrist officially heads to the disabled list roughly a week or so late. The injury cited was “left wrist inflammation”, given that the beloved Cub had been hit on the wrist during a game on May 26th against the Dodgers. Zobrist continued to play through this issue, but not without showing signs that he wasn’t 100%. Since getting clocked by a pitch from Alex Wood, Zobrist was hitting .109/.226/.196.

No, really.

The 36-year old was placed on the the 10-day disabled list last Tuesday and will only have a few days or so left, hoping to return to the lineup either Friday or next Monday. The MRI results for Zobrist came back negative of any internal damage. Hopefully he returns full recovered, because the Cubs could really use his bat from the beginning of the season.

Here’s what else is goin’ down in the National League Central: