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AL West: Sonny Gray a closer?

Check out what’s happening in the American League West.

Washington Nationals v Oakland Athletics Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A little over a month out from the trade deadline and we have our very first ~ * mystery team * ~. We know two things: they’re a team in the National League and they want Sonny Gray to be their closer.

The 27-year old currently has a 4.84 ERA and has had a very turbulent season. Dropping him in the bullpen and seeing how he does in more compact outing is an appealing idea. After all, Gray’s fastball is still strong and he has 58 strikeouts so far this season. However, he’s currently highly sought after by the Astros to fill the role of a starter, so unless this mystery team emerges from the shadows and makes Oakland an offer they can’t refuse, Gray will probably be clear of the bullpen for now.

Let the wild speculation begin. Gray was hurt last year, so my guess is the Mets are after him since they’re drawn to that and such.

Here’s what other news is going down in the American League West: