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MLB trade rumors: Pablo Sandoval interested in Giants' reunion

The Giants seem open to the idea, for now.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

On Friday, the Red Sox made a bold move that should serve as a a learning device for every other major league team: they designated Pablo Sandoval for assignment with a little over $49.5 still left to pay him.

Boston signed Sandoval in Nov. 2014 to a 5-year, $95M million contract. It made sense at the time, seeing as Panda hit a dependable .279/.324/.415 his final year in San Francisco. However, when Sandoval switched coasts, he did not live up to expectations. He got to Boston and hit .237/.286/.360 in 161 games while missing significant time due to injury.

The once beloved Panda of San Francisco made some fairly controversial comments following his departure that seemed to target his dislike of the management there. Now, as reported by Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, Sandoval wants to rejoin with the team that won him three World Series rings.

Once Sandoval clears waivers and becomes a free agent, he’ll be able to sign with any team willing to take him. He would “love” for that team to be the Giants.

It appears that the Giants haven’t dead-bolted that door just yet. Heyman reports that people within the organization feel the idea is up for consideration, but no one has confirmed so on the record. However, San Francisco does have younger options that could just as easily work in place of Sandoval. While Jae-gyun Hwang and Ryder Jones aren’t by any means the new faces of the franchise, they are already on payroll and could be useful for a Giants team that is looking to move to younger players in a rebuilding year.

While Sandoval is open to the idea of returning to the Bay Area, it takes two to tango. We’ll see if a deal gets done once he is officially released by Boston.