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NL East: Addison Reed drawing interest

Check out what’s going on in the National League East.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

There’s heavy interest in Mets closer Addison Reed, lately but will any of it actually pan out? Reed is one of the Mets most valuable chips at the moment and the possibility of him being moved isn’t out of the question. Would it pierce New York fans right through the heart? Well, yeah, but they’re used to that at this point.

The Yankees and Brewers are the latest teams to leave a calling card for the 28-year old. However the Yankees’ most recent deal with the White Sox that sent relievers Robertson and Kahnle their way may hinder their interest. The righty has a 2.47 ERA and 15 saves over 45 innings pitched this season. His velocity is strong, capping out around 96 mph.

Where the Mets deal Reed depends on the return they’ll be getting, but the fact that he’ll be traded seems almost inevitable. Better start mentally preparing yourself now.

Here’s what other news is going down across the National League East: