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AL East: Alex Cobb to the DL

Check out everything going on in the American League East.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Cobb hits the disabled list with “turf toe”, which sounds insanely unpleasant. Upon looking it up, much the relief of finding out it wasn’t a horrible infection caused by a stadium, Cobb’s injury is a sprain of the ligaments surrounding the big toe. Basically, you can get it if your job involves a lot of jamming your feet.

The 29-year old has tossed a 3.80 ERA over 147 innings and 96 strikeouts for Tampa this season.

While Blake Snell will be taking Cobb’s place in the lineup, it’s unlikely the home-grown Ray will miss more than one start.

Here’s what other news is going down in the American League East:

The Orioles traded for Tim Beckham and he's been a pretty fire pick up so far.

Cesar Valdez has been sent to the disabled list and Leonel Campos has been called up in his place.

What will Aaron Hicksreturn mean for the Yankees? For starters, a lot of power. Like, a lot.

Tropicana Field has announced a plan to fix their league-worst food safety rating, so now you can give all of your disappointment elsewhere.

Why has Craig Kimbrel been slightly less dominant lately?

Richard Bleier is having a fluky and effective season with the Orioles.

Blue Jays first-round pick Logan Warmoth is adjusting very well to pro ball.

What does the Yankees’ midseason prospect list say about their farm system? Other than the fact that Brian Cashman needs a statue.

The Red Sox filled their hot corner void at the deadline, but how sustainable is Eduardo Nuñez’ performance?

Struggling veterans are leaving the Orioles to make some pretty tough decisions.

Rogers Centre has been ranked 7th in food safety, so there’s something to at least smile about.

Aaron Judge has a plate discipline problem.

Steven Souza Jr. is walking his way into a breakout season.

The Red Sox Player’s Weekend jersey nicknames are out and they’re wonderful.