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AL West: Shoemaker to have season ending surgery

Check out what’s going on in the American League West.

MLB: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Angels’ pitcher Matt Shoemaker will be having surgery on his forearm to fix his PIN Syndrome, thus ending his 2017 season on the mound. Shoemaker’s radial nerve in his right forearm had been the source of his slowed rehab. The timetable on recovery for this surgery is 12-14 weeks, thus ending any hope of a last minute campaign at the end of the season.

Shoemaker being out for certain is a hefty blow to the Angels’ pitching lineup. For the 77.2 innings that the 30-year old did pitch for Los Angeles this year, he was hurling a 4.52 ERA with 69 (nice) strikeouts. His last start was June 14th against the Yankees. Fingers crossed that his forearm issue doesn’t carry over until next year and the Angels will have them in their 2018 rotation.

Here’s what else is happening in the American League West: