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AL East News: Nuñez out a week after PLC sprain

Check out what’s going on in the American League East.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Eduardo Nuñez will miss at least a week of play with a sprained PCL. The damage was done during last weekend’s stretch against the Rays after Nuñez slide awkwardly into second. Despite staying in the game, the 30-year old was limping and very clearly uncomfortable. Now, it’s reported that the damage done was a sprained PCL in the third baseman’s knee.

While this injury is nowhere near as severe as a sprained ACL or MCL. Injuries to the PCL, or posterior cruciate ligament for those who are anatomically curious, usually happens after a direct blow to the knee. Nuñez clearly slammed his kneecap into the ground, causing the issue.

Acquired at the trade deadline, the veteran has posted a 319/.351/.534 line for his time in Boston thus far. While the possibility of him being out longer than a week is there, if Nuñez and the Red Sox don’t rush it the injury won’t increase in severity or longevity.

Nuñez is a free agent after this season.

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