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AL East News and Notes

Check out what’s going down in the American League East.

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The destinies of the teams in the American League East have been set in stone for this season...okay well, maybe just who ends up in the playoffs. The Red Sox are your 2017 American League East champions, and they’re not the only AL East team to see October baseball. The Yankees have landed the AL Wild Card Game spot and also the upper hand of having it on their home turf. But is that actually going to be an advantage?

As for the three teams who will end their season in the coming days, a lot of questions arise, mostly with franchise players. Can the Orioles still make use of Mark Trumbo’s contract? Is there some kind of hail Mary shot that Joey Bats comes back to Toronto? When the weather gets cold the stoves get hot, so scoot a little closer and get toasty.

Here’s what other news and rumors are floating around the American League East: