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Red Sox, Diamondbacks remain in play for J.D. Martinez

Will the dominoes finally begin to fall?

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox and free agent slugger J.D. Martinez remain in a “stalemate” over contract discussions, while the Diamondbacks remain in the hunt as well, according to Jon Heyman.

Boston offered the 30-year-old a five-year deal, which Martinez clearly wasn’t a fan of. According to Heyman, Martinez is seeking a six-year deal and is willing to hold out until spring training to get what he believes he deserves. The Red Sox appear to be holding firm on their offer as well, as discussions have not advanced in weeks.

The Diamondbacks have not been confirmed to have offered Martinez a similar deal, but he remains at the top of the team’s offseason checklist. Martinez smacked 29 home runs for the Diamondbacks in just 62 games after being brought over from Detroit.

The Red Sox remain desperate for a power bat to compete with the Yankees’ haunting lineup, which Martinez could use as leverage to get the deal he wants. He is reportedly seeking $200 million, but would “settle” for $180. Heyman reports the offers extended to Martinez are in the $120-150 million range, so there is plenty of negotiating to be done.