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Elvis Andrus will not opt out of his contract with the Rangers...this time

Lets get this offseason started with some good ol’ fashioned opt outs (or lack thereof).

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We have officially reached the baseball offseason and with it comes all of the opt outs, qualifying offers, free agent and trade rumors, and rosterbation that any boy or girl could ever want.

The way this process generally goes is that we learn in the five days after the World Series ends what players with opt outs in their contracts will actually opt out as well as which players who are impending free agents will receive qualifying offers thereby attaching draft pick compensation to their free agency. After that, we he free agency and that it when all sorts of chaos starts to run rampant.

However, back to the current window in which we reside. Over the next few days, we will begin to hear which players with opt-outs will choose to exercise that right or not. Clayton Kershaw’s name is the biggest one that comes to mind. However, he is far from the only player with the potential to opt out.

Unsurprisingly, the RangersElvis Andrus is going to stick around for at least one more year as he looks to rebuild a bit of value. Andrus has been consistently very good and productive in the Rangers infield, but an injury to his elbow forced him into playing only 97 games in 2018. Andrus still posted 1.7 rWAR in those 97 games, but for a guy that would be looking for one of his last big paydays if he opted out, he may be better served to wait. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he has another opt out in his contract after the conclusion of next season in case he changes his mind.

Elvis Andrus posted a .256/.308/.367 line in 2018 with six home runs and 53 runs scored for the Rangers.