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Here is a rundown of the seven MLB players that received qualifying offers

The deadline for extending qualifying offers has come and gone. When the dust settled, seven players were given such offers.

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

There are aspects of MLB free agency that are more straightforward than others. One of the less straightforward parts is the presence of qualifying offers. Essentially, a team can make a “qualifying offer” on a one-year deal to an impending free agent of theirs which is the same amount league-wide (this year, it is $17.9 million). That player then has ten days to decide whether or not to accept that offer. If the do accept (which has not happened often), they sign said one-year deal. If they do NOT accept the deal, they become a free agent, but clubs that sign them will lose a draft pick and their previous club will gain one. Which picks are gained and lost is a bit convoluted, so we will just direct you to this link as reference.

The deadline for extending qualifying offers was today and seven total players received them. Here is a quick breakdown of each player that received them along with predictions of what they will decide.

Bryce Harper

This was likely the most obvious call of any potential QO candidates. Harper is in his prime and is one of the two premier free agents on the market this offseason along with Manny Machado. He didn’t have the walk year that he likely hoped for, but he has a track record of big time production, is young, and is easy to dream on as one of the better players in the game. Scott Boras is also his agent and he will get him paid.

Prediction: No chance he accepts the qualifying offer.

Dallas Keuchel

The Astros had a few interesting choices with Marwin Gonzalez and Charlie Morton also being candidates for QOs, but the team decided to go with only offering Keuchel. On the one had, Keuchel won the Cy Young in 2015 and has been a really important part of the Astros’ success over the last few years. On the other hand, his 2018 season was not the greatest and he has some lingering injury issues with his neck that will give some teams pause before giving him a big payday.

Prediction: Not likely to accept the qualifying offer.

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Not many would have predicted Ryu getting a QO even in the recent past due to his injury issues and given how many options the Dodgers seem to have at their disposal. However, Ryu was dominant once he returned from injury and did great work for LA in the playoffs. There is a reasonable case for him to accept the QO, get paid, continue to prove he is healthy and productive next year, and then hit the market next year without the QO baggage since players can only be given a qualifying offer once.

Prediction: Probably will not accept the qualifying offer, but this is pretty close.

Yasmani Grandal

Grandal is set to be the best catcher on the free agent market. Given the scarcity of good catchers across the majors, that is a good position to be in. That said, he did not do himself any favors with his performance in the playoffs which was.....forgettable. However, he has been one of the more consistent performers both behind the plate and at the plate among catchers over the last few seasons, so he should get a pretty healthy contract before it is all said and done.

Prediction: Likely to not accept the qualifying offer.

Craig Kimbrel

He was not particularly good in the playoffs and his best years may be behind him, but marquee relievers always have a market and seem to always get paid. Kimbrel is no exception. The QO will hurt his bottom line a little bit, but his track record speaks for itself and he will sign one last big time deal.

Prediction: Will not accept the qualifying offer.

Patrick Corbin

Corbin came back from injury and returned to form quickly as one of the better pitchers in the National League in 2018. The Diamondbacks may have cratered in the closing months of the season, but Corbin did not. He will become a free agent and will likely be the most sought after starting pitcher on the free agent market with the Yankees seemingly connected with him daily.

Prediction: Will not accept the qualifying offer.

A.J. Pollock

This is an interesting choice here, too. Pollock started off the year gangbusters but was hit with another injury as has been the case far too often with him. However, his injuries have been more of the freak variety and not necessarily indicative of a chronic problem. He is another guy that may be well-served to sign his QO and try his chances at building his value in 2019 and hit the market this year. However, he stands out in this year’s crop of free agent outfielder crop so the odds seem to be tilted in favor of him declined.

Prediction: Probably won’t accept the qualifying offer, but it isn’t a slam dunk.