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Dodgers, Cleveland remain engaged in trade talks

For the amount of time this has gone on I expect a tacky proposal shoot and all.

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros Photo by Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The hot stove could get a significant jolt just before the Winter Meetings this year. Jon Morosi of MLB reports that the Dodgers and Cleveland are still actively participating in trade talks—fancy sports writer words for no one can make up their mind but everyone is too proud and too determined to walk away quite just yet.

If the other shoe drops, it’s likely that Cleveland would be shipping a starter off to Los Angeles—either Trevor Bauer, Corey Kulber, or Carlos Carrasco. It’s not known right now, but it could be someone out of the Dodgers’ vast and expendable outfield.

This comes a week after Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers were not only interested in snatching one of Cleveland’s starting pitchers, but cathcer Yan Gomes as well. However if Los Angeles is still setting their sight’s on MarlinsJ.T. Realmuto, it makes the reality of someone like Kluber in a Dodgers’ uniform that much more clear. And just imagine a one-two punch of Kluber/Kershaw back to back starts.

Trevor Bauer is still under team control until next year, albiet at a very bargain basement price. In the last year of his contract, Kluber will be making $10.5M in comparison to Bauer’s $6.5 and two impending arbitration years left, making next year the best time, if any, to move him. If Cleveland is really interested in cutting costs, parting with Kluber in exchange for Joc Pederson, who will make $4.3M 2019, or Alex Verdugo, who is 23-years old, pre-arbitration, and made $547,500 last season. It’s unlikely that the Dodgers will part with Puig or even Cody Belligner for that matter when so many more cost effective options are available.