Royals' offseason

I am okay with the Royals as they begin the 2018 season, and am more than ready to move beyond the "core four." Moustakas is the right guy to have, and he is a great building block. Thankfully, he CHOSE to accept the Royals' offer, and, as it seems to me, was very gracious about being an obvious second choice. (I never felt that way) That said, it's not morale-building to put so much emphasis on a few players. The Royals are lucky to have him. They need to ease off the Salvy dependence, as well as add some other pieces. Go after Ellsbury, and/or pick up one or two overlooked but well-deserving free agents and other good guys who are DFA. When JD Martinez went to Detroit, he had been cut from the Astros. All the experts, management, and computers in the world can't predict an injury, skeleton in the closet, or someone who will play his heart out. Stop hiding behind the notion of "rebuilding." How about setting goals to EXCEED expectations? The Twins, Mets, and Phillies got it right. Play Ball!

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