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FanPost Friday: What was your first baseball game?

Soak in the nostalgia, everyone.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to FanPost Friday at MLB Daily Dish. Each Friday we’ll offer you up a prompt to gush about on our FanPost section, for better or for worse. If we really love your argument, we’ll make sure your post sees the front page of our site. Here’s this week’s prompt:

Recently, the Yankees celebrated David Wells’ perfect game, memorializing him forever in springy, bobblehead form. It was an emotional day for me, following along on my laptop from my desk as I finally came to an Earth shattering, long awaited conclusion: I’m old. My first baseball game ever was that May afternoon that Boomer cemented himself into infamy.

It was Beanie Baby Day and four-year old me could not have been more elated at the prospect of getting a free stuffed animal. Baseball was an afterthought, but as I sat in the hard plastic Yankee Stadium seats just down the third baseline, clutching the hand of my new friend “Pinstripe”, I felt like I belonged there. Like some magnetic force had called me to this stadium in the Bronx and would never ever let me go.

That brings us to this week’s question: What was your first baseball game experience?

Submit your picture in a FanPost here and let us know how you love for the game began.