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MLB trade rumors and news: Robinson Cano suspension adds to Mariners’ woes

Take a look around baseball with today’s MLB Daily Dish.

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MLB: Game Two-Seattle Mariners at Detroit Tigers Photo by Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

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Today in Baseball: On May 16th, 1984, the Orioles release future Hall of Famer Jim Palmer after he posts a 9.17 ERA over his first five appearances of the season. Baltimore asks Palmer to retire but he refuses, instead attempting to catch on with another team. Palmer is unable to catch on elsewhere and finishes his career having played all 21 of his professional seasons in the Orioles organization. He unsuccessfully attempts a comeback with the Orioles in spring training of 1991 and eventually gets back in the good graces of the organization, as he serves as the team’s TV color commentator to this day.

Question of the Day: Does Robinson Cano’s suspension ruin his Hall of Fame chances?