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Hi! I am the new site manager at Daily Dish. I hope you don’t hate me.

With the beloved Chris Cotillo moving on to bigger and hopefully better things, you guys are stuck with me. My condolences.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

When I started writing for Talking Chop, SB Nation’s Braves affiliate, I honestly thought it would be an interesting hobby to write occasionally about the Braves, the team I grew up rooting for. At the time, my day job was not particularly rewarding, but did have the bonus of giving me some free time. I didn’t get into writing to do so constantly or even to pursue a job writing about baseball, but I fell in love with the pace of things and helping build an audience. Now it is 2018 and, partially due to some dumb luck, I am here as the new site manager at Daily Dish.

Lets be clear: I am not Chris Cotillo. Chris did remarkable things in his time with SB Nation and I can personally attest that his staff here loved him dearly. Covering the entirety of Major League Baseball without a specific focus is no easy task, but Chris did so very successfully while also going to school full-time. Those are not small shoes to fill and honestly, I don’t aim to try to fill them. Chris’ legacy is first goal is just to not mess anything up, but also to try and help bring some new ideas and content to Daily Dish.

Daily Dish’s commitment to covering breaking news and rumors is not going to change. We want fans of all stripes to come to Daily Dish to read about and discuss the news and rumors of the day. However, there will be some additional, regularly occurring content (usually weekly) on Daily Dish such as top prospect recaps, a weekly playoff odds tracker, awards odds content, highlight video posts for those that want to catch up on the previous day’s top plays, and more once I get my feet under me and I figure out how to organize everything.

Beyond that, one thing that you will notice is that there will be more original, long-form content on the site. There are a ton of stories that don’t have team-centric focuses, but deserve coverage and interest a lot of you out there. I want us to be the place that talks about those issues. Not only are those stories interesting, but it allows the great staff here to stretch their wings a bit and dig deep into the issues that they care about and find their voices.

Some of these changes will be readily apparent immediately, while others will take some time to bring into the fold. You will see a lot of the same authors doing their thing, plus some new ones that are going to be coming on to help out soon. Daily Dish’s core mission of covering the news and rumors of the day isn’t changing, but hopefully we can bring some new, cool stuff for you to oogle at. Some of you may hate it and, by proxy, hate me because of it. That’s ok....but hopefully the vast majority of you enjoy it.

That is enough about me, it is time to get to work. If you have suggestions or ideas for Daily Dish, leave them in the comments. I am not always the most prolific commenter, but I do read them and want to hear what you are looking for from us. I can’t promise we will do everything suggested, because frankly some ideas are legitimately awful or just not feasible from a practical standpoint, but I am not going to pretend to have the monopoly on good ideas. You’ll be hearing a lot from me and the rest of the staff very soon. This is going to be fun.