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MLB Top Highlight Videos 5/21: Juan Soto hit a home run in his second at-bat because of course he did

Juan Soto is off to a fast start in the major leagues, Inciarte is good at baseball, and the Yankees are really good at hitting baseballs far.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

You need to get caught up on the highlights from yesterday’s slate of MLB games? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Juan Soto started the year in low-A and in a month and a half he is now in the big leagues, partially because he is really good and partially because the Nationals outfield has some sort of voodoo curse placed on it. What did he do in his second at-bat in the majors? He hit a homer...because of course he did.

Soto had some fans to try and impress yesterday and he boy did he deliver. The Nationals’ baseball academy in the Dominican Republic were all crowded around the TV to see how he would do and they went nuts when he hit his oppo taco.

In other news that is far less surprising, Aaron Judge is pretty good at hitting baseballs really hard and far. Here is the ball he took deep off of Bartolo Colon yesterday.

Not to be outdone, Gleyber Torres had a two home run day including this home run off of Bartolo. The weirdness of seeing Gleyber, a very young baseball player, competing against a very not young player in Bartolo is not lost on us.

Manny Machado, meanwhile, is putting together a strong year at the plate it what could/should be his last year with the Orioles. He has pulled into a tie for the league lead in home runs with this blast that made Statcast and those who love it very happy.

When baserunners get greedy, sometimes they get burned. In this case, when a Phillies player tried to tag up from first on a deep fly out, only a strong, accurate throw was going to get him. That is exactly what Ender Inciarte had in mind, too. This play wasn’t even close.

Finally, we have another nifty play from the Orioles-White Sox game that saw Andrew Cashner with the partial kick save on a grounder up the middle that was converted into an out.